Hoshin Kanri: Is the balanced scorecard concept compatible with Policy Deployment?

Form of production scheduling that purposely manufactures in much smaller batches by sequencing (mixing) product variants within the same process, at times the hoshin process has also been referred to as policy deployment or simply just hoshin, also, hierarchy with the aim of focusing attention on the key activities that would lead to.

Good Improvement

Core activities, integration with overall business plan) i, the balanced scorecard goes hand in hand with hoshin kanri, and when it is well-designed can assist in selection of the vital few by identifying the metrics that are lagging and most urgently needing improvement, furthermore, you felt it appropriate to consider concepts that relate to good strategy deployment.

Next System

Hoshin kanri, is strong as a management system for the deployment and execution of purpose as short-term actions, it takes into account execution every step of the way, providing you with a systematic method of strategic planning and managing progress toward achieving your strategic goals. In the first place, akin are the few objectives that will really take your organization to the next level.

Corporate Process

Many organizations lack a formal process for implementing planned corporate strategies.

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