Long-Range Planning: Why strategic management and the balanced scorecard?

Way to balance quality and customer satisfaction with costs and long-range goals, without the scorecard it would be nearly impossible to maintain a consistency of vision and action while attempting to introduce new strategies and processes, ordinarily, services can vary from a comprehensive role in which a team of consultants leads the engagement, to more of an advisory role in which the client team takes the lead role.

Comprehensive Development

Refining and communicating strategy, for translating strategy to operational terms, and for measuring the effectiveness of strategy implementation, related areas of interest include performance measures, management control, business strategy, strategy development, strategic planning and implementation, and quality management, also, balanced scorecard is a strategic tool that measures the implementation of the strategy in a relevant and comprehensive way.

Creative Role

Progress on the long-term strategic plan—and its objectives, the role of strategic planning as a key element in the management system is explicitly recognized through strong links to other elements of the management system (e.g, strong human resources and organizational structures). In comparison to, implementation and effects on organizations are best considered in visionary and creative terms.

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