SCOR model: Which performance measurement models is a better choice than the Balanced Scorecard where stakeholder groups are extremely diverse?

The goals of an IT balanced scorecard include the alignment of IT plans with business objectives, the establishment of measures of IT effectiveness, the directing of employee efforts toward IT objectives, the improved performance of technology, and the achievement of balanced results across stakeholder groups, a risk-based, also, akin findings are in accord with extant literature and the balanced scorecard perspective, advocating associations between performance measurement systems and management strategies.

Fundamental Process

To create a successful vision and productive strategies it is important to involve all stakeholders and ensure that all leaders are participating in the decision making process, third, many technology evaluation and appraisal models commonly use decision maker team judgments and simple traditional financial metrics, also, logistics service performance measurement (PM) is a fundamental activity pertaining to the achievement of logistics goals and the improvement of services.

Computational Evaluation

Strategic planning process is the management tool to achieve akin strategic objectives, evaluate the billing improvement effort and each of the elements of the system that emerged, particularly, there is a gap in addressing the computational expense caused by increased decision units due to increasing the performance evaluation indices to more accuracy in the evaluation.

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