Strategic Objectives: Should compensation systems be linked to balanced scorecard measures?

When it comes to performance measurement systems, staff buy-in, support, and participation are key, balanced scorecard basically refers to as a strategic performance tool or strategic planning and management system which is extensively used by every business and non-business organization in order to align business activities with the vision and strategy of the organization, also, goal setting, compensation, and investments are focused, fill a strategic role in the business – participating fully in the balanced goals of cutting costs and creating added value.

Internal Process

The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system broadly used in many types of organizations to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals . And also, the design and implementation of strategy is a much more open and evolutionary process. In the meantime, it integrates financial measures with other objectives and key performance indicators related to customers, internal business processes, and capacity.

Punitive Decision

A balanced scorecard helps to align measures with key strategies, enable progress tracking, assign accountability, capture gains already made, predict future movement, and connect current strategic and tactical improvement activities, in strategy-based scorecard systems, strategic and operational performance measures (outcomes, outputs, process and inputs) are only one of several important components, and the measures are used to better inform decision making at all levels in the organization. Also, yet, employees find measurement threatening—many worry that it will lead to punitive action.

Financial Results

By investing in akin areas organizations will have to be in a better position to ensure that long-term mission and objectives are achieved, compensation is an important motivator when you reward people for achieving desired organizational results, subsequently, looking beyond short-term metrics like sales and production statistics, the scorecard measures results in financial and nonfinancial terms.

Strategic Information

Double-loop feedback occurs when managers get information about the effectiveness and the validity of the strategy, many other themes are possible, and the selection of vision and aligned strategic themes and results make for unique performance scorecard systems for different organizations, particularly, finally, by using a balanced scorecard, your organization can be sure that any strategic action implemented matches the desired outcomes.

Balanced Development

All organizations have strategic objectives, and very often akin goals are lacking a clear and specific measuring system, goal setting, compensation, and investments) are focused. In addition, first, development of the balanced scorecard forces managers to develop a consensus around your organization vision and strategy.

Successful Goals

Safety performance measures and initiatives are defined for the accomplishment of the goals in the balanced scorecard, akin maps provide a tool for communicating and implementing your organization strategy and show the cause-and-effect relations, by which specific, also, csfs are the areas of activity in which your organization must perform well in order to be successful.

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